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Why It's Important to Maintain Your Window Screens

At Double R All Home Improvements we understand how important your windows are to your Westchester NY home. Part of having quality and effective windows is making sure you choose sturdy and long lasting screens. A quality window screen is crucial to keep insects and wildlife out of your home, while allowing you to enjoy the refreshing Westchester summer breeze. Did you know quality screens can benefit your home in more than one way?

Westchester Home with quality windows

Here are few ways durable and quality screens can benefit your home:

Adds additional curb appeal

In Zillow’s 2017 Market Report they stated, “The national median home value has passed its bubble-era peak. None of the country’s top 35 metro areas saw a drop in home values.” Which can mean that a lot of homeowners are frothing at the mouth to get their home on the market. This could very well mean more competition to sell your NY home. A solid real estate agent will suggest to replace all of the screens on your home, but why? Easy, curb appeal. Homes with dirty or damaged screens will look sloppy and not make a good first impression. It can be the difference between getting an offer on your home, or losing out to the neighbor with the quality screens and windows.

Loss of heat

Many home owners may not be aware that not only do the windows and window materials help keep your home heated or insulated, but that screens can be a contributing factor as well. As one of Westchester’s most experienced window installation contractors, we understand how all portions of the window installation process work together to ensure your new windows and screens look good, but keep your home as best insulated as well.

Prevents weather induced damage

A tightly secured screen installation will help keep out rainwater and reduce the amount of rain constantly hitting your windows. This will also help keep a buildup of water under the window which can lead to mold as well.

Contact a Window Replacement Specialist Serving Westchester, New York

If you need a window replacement in the Westchester area, contact Double R All Home Improvements today. Double R has been dedicated to providing the best customer service possible from the beginning of the process right through the installation including screen replacements. We even offer after sale service that is unparalleled in the home improvement industry. Double R is proud to serve Westchester County including Yonkers, White Plains, and New Rochelle, NY.

For a quote on your next window or screen installation project call Double R at (914) 937-4279 or fill out a contact form!

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