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What to Consider When Choosing Siding

Choosing new siding is a big, and expensive, decision for homeowners - there are so many options from different finishes and materials to color. Whether you're building a new home or replacing the siding on your current home, you'll have have to live with your decision for years to come. To help you make a decision, we've put together the most important factors to consider when choosing siding.

1. Affordability

Do your homework, set a budget, and get estimates from various contractors. Compare each of the estimtes and figure out what works best for you. Look at your new siding as an investment and remember that spending the money up front will reduce the cost of issues and maintenance down the road.

2. Maintenance

Different types of siding require various amounts of maintenance so if you're looking for something that is low-maintenance, it's important to know that before selecting a siding matieral. As a rule of thumb, vinyl require easy, periodic cleanings, fiber cement requires re-painting every 5 to 7 years, and brick/stone will require repointing of mortar. You'll also want to consider the type of weather your area experiences to avoid expensive repairs from storm and water damage.

3. Durability

When selecting siding, durability of the material is a large factor to consider. Most homeowners will only replace their siding on their home once and making sure the material can stand up against every element (rain, wind, snow, & sun) is crucial. Some types of siding offer technologies help the siding stand up against damaging UV rays to help reduce fading.

4. Design

One of the hardest decisions for homeowners when selecting siding is deciding on the color and style. There are seven primary material options for siding that make different statements - vinyl, metal, wood, brick, fiber cement, stucco and stone. Each material has a large variety of styles and colors to choose from. If you're having a hard time deciding on material or color, your contractor, builder, or architect can all help guide you in the right direction depending on the style of your home.

Are you ready to re-side your home? Give Double R All Home Improvements a call at (914) 937-4279 for your siding quote!

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