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Tips For Washing Your Windows

Windows are the eyes to your home - not only do they allow you to see out into the world, but can be the defining aspect to the overall style of your home as well. They also provide for better efficiency and protect you and your family from the elements.

Since windows are such an integral part of the home, it's important to take proper care of them to get the most life out of them. Washing your windows regularly is one step you can take that will not only make them look great, but help in the long run in terms of longevity. If you are a Westchester county resident and are looking for some tips on washing your windows, take a look at the steps below!

Start With A Washing Solution

For window washing solutions there are almost countless options on the market these days. You can go for your classic store brand solution, or something organic that is better for the environment. There is an option for just about everyone out there!

If you want to take the cost-effective approach when it comes to window washing solutions you can even concoct your own. Mix 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water, and you have a basic, environmentally friendly solution that gets the job done.

Tools to Use

Now that the solution is prepared, the next step is to choose what you will actually use to clean the windows. Making sure you choose the right tools for cleaning your windows can make the project a pain, or it can make it easy.

- Squeege

- Rag

- Sponge

- Hog-bristle brush

The Techniques

Now that you have all of the materials ready, you just need to implement a foolproof technique to get your windows looking like new again!

- Preparation is key to minimize the mess and keep everything efficient, place a towel along the bottom of the window to catch any drips.

- Wet the windows with your solution, and starting from the top left and pull the squeegee straight down. Continue across the entire length of the window, wiping off the squeegee after every completed stroke. - Continue to move across the window and with each completed stroke, wipe the squeegee off with a rag. - Finish with one final horizontal stroke across the bottom of the window and then dry the sill with a sponge or cloth.

How to Clean Extra Grimy Windows

The exterior of your windows are prone to building up dirt over the seasons, so don’t be surprised if you run into stubborn spots. If you’re dealing with hard-to-remove dirt, saturate the stains with vinegar and water. Let the solution stand for several minutes before drying. Refrain from using tools such as steel wool or harsh scrubbing materials, since this can scratch the window’s glass.

Use these tips, techniques, and tools to get your windows sparkling clean this fall! If you have any questions about this process or are interested in replacing your older windows, give us a call today at (914) 937-4279.

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