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4 Signs That It's Time for New Windows

With summer on the horizon in Fairfield and Westchester, NY the temperature is rising. This means homeowners will most likely be looking for efficiency when it comes to keeping their home cool. In order to keep your cooling costs as low as possible this summer there are many factors that will allow you to keep your home comfortable and not put a dent in your wallet.

Dining Room Windows

One factor that many Fairfield area residents may overlook that factors into cooling efficiency is how old the homes windows are. If a homeowner has old windows it can allow for a lot of cool air to escape the home and lead to the A/C or cooling unit to run longer than necessary, leading to increased energy usage.

If it's time for a new window replacement in Fairfield or Westchester there are a few major signs that homeowners will notice:

Increased Energy Bill- If after you have completed repairs such as fixing insulation and replacing doors around the home and still see an increasing energy bill every month it's entirely possible replacing your old windows will help immensely.

Drafty Windows- At night when it cools off, if you can feel the cool air draft through windows around your home it may be time to take a look at new windows for your home. This means air (cool or warm) is escaping out of and into rooms throughout the home- leading to loss of cool air during the day.

Single-Pane Windows- Still have single pane windows? It is suggested to upgrade to at least two-pane windows for maximum efficiency this summer. This will also help in long run when the colder weather comes in the fall and winter. Windows are a direct opening to the elements of the outdoors, why would only want to protect your home with a single pane of glass?

Visible Damage to Windows- At this point, if you can see visible damage on your windows (from the outside or inside) there's not a chance they are efficient for your home. There is no better time at this point to contact a professional to get new windows for your Fairfield or Westchester home.

If you find that one or more of these factors are true for your home is time to contact a Window Replacement Specialist in Fairfield, NY Today!

Located in Port Chester, NY, Double R All Home Improvements is a family owned business that has been servicing New York since 1960. Specializing in window replacements, Double R uses only the best window vendors to ensure you get the best quality windows in your home. Along with our emphasis on customer service and completing the job efficiently and quickly there is not a better option in the Fairfield or Westchester area for your window replacement needs.

To start your next window replacement project call Double R All Home Improvements today at (914) 937-4279 or fill out the contact form on this page!

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