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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Before the temperatures drop too low and it starts to snow, take some time to inspect your roof to mke sure it's in shape for the cold winter months. A visual inspecion won't take long and can save you a lot of time, stress, and money by catching any issues sooner rather than later.

1. Clean your gutters & downspouts

Leaves and debris can clog your downspouts causing your gutters to not drain properly. This can cause an issue with water overflowing out of your gutters and damaging your windows, siding, and roof over time. The weight of leaves and debris in your gutter can also damage the gutter hooks.

2. Look for missing shingles

Bare spots on your roof is an open invitation for moistr to leak under shingles and into your home. Over time this can cause issues with moss and mold building, as well as rot. If you see shingles missing, it's important to get them replaced as soon as possible.

3. Clear debris from your roof

Any debris left on your roof at the beginning of winter will end up in your gutters at some point throughout the season. While you're already cleaning your gutters, take the few extra minutes to clear any debris from your roof so it doesn't end up in your recently cleaned gutters in the next week.

4. Inspect your home and attic

Walk through your home (especially the upper levels) and inspect the ceilings for any stains, the fans and vents to make sure they are blowing air properly, and the state of the insulation in your attic. If you notice any holes, animal droppings, evidence of burrowing, or leftover scraps of food, do not seal anything off before they're gone. This can cause the animals to cause more damage.

5. Inspect your roofs edge

The edge of your roof protect your home against harsh winters. As they age or become damaged, your home and roof aren't properly protected from storms and become vulnerable to a whole lot of damage. Be sure to keep an eye out for peeling paint, lose fasteners, rust, and cracked sealant.

Are you in need of winter roofing services? Give Double R All Home Improvements today at (914) 937-4279.

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