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5 Things that will Affect Window Replacement Costs

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting replacement windows for your home, including budget, aesthetic, and window preferences. The cost of replacing your windows will be influenced between these factors and your unique needs. Being aware of these influential factors is important, especially when you have a budget to stick to.

1. Material: WIndows are available in various materials (wood, vinyl, fiberglass) and all offer different benefits and are available at different price points.

2. Installation Process - An often forgot about cost of replacing windows is the installation process. While many homeowners will opt to install windows themselves but hiring a professional to install your windows is safer and ensures proper installation of your new windows.

3. Features - If you're looking for specific features, you'll have to pay more. Windows come in various shapes and sizes. Single- and double-hung windows also have varying costs.

4. Number of Windows - Replacing one window is much cheaper than replacing all of the widows in your home, for obvious reasons. Depending on the window manufacturer, there might be promotions available to help make replacing numerous windows at once more affordable.

5. Style - Windows come in a variety styles, making it easy to find windows that match your style as well as your homes style. If you're having a hard time selecting a style of window, Double R All Home Improvements can help!

If you're ready to start the process of replacing windows in your home, call Double R All Home Improvements for a free estimate at (914) 937-4279.

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